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The Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada has been granted the authority to take investment advisers to court to collect fines in cases of wrongdoing in the NWT. NNSL file photo

Nunavut to raise minimum wage to $16 an hour, highest in Canada

Nunavut’s minimum wage will be the highest in the country as of April 1, at $16 an hour, Justice Minister Jeannie Ehaloak announced Thursday. NNSL file photo Nunavut’s minimum wage will rise to $16 an hour...

Qaggiavuut takes on the world, hoping to bring the world to Nunavut

With $500,000 from the federal government, Qaggiavuut is one step closer to fulfilling the dream of a performing arts centre in Nunavut. "One of the arguments we have is that this would be very good...

Nunavut’s economy will see very high growth in coming years, says GN economist

The territory's immediate economic forecast is looking good, with very high growth in the next four years, though it must overcome challenges in the longer term, such as graduating more students from high school...