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Obed scolds southern press at historic national TB apology

Moments after Inuit from across Inuit Nunangat heard Prime Minister Justin Trudeau deliver a national apology in Iqaluit March 8 for the violation of their human rights during the tuberculosis epidemic in the mid-1900s,...

Gjoa Haven turns to Parks Canada for runway help

The Hamlet of Gjoa Haven is seeking a runway extension that would allow jet service to the community, and mayor and council are leaning on Parks Canada to help fund the project. Because Gjoa Haven...
Nunavut’s Alex Buchan is now vice president of corporate social responsibility for TMAC Resources Inc., which operates a gold mine 125 kilometres southwest of Cambridge Bay. Photo courtesy of Alex Buchan.

Homegrown mine executive finds success

One of Nunavut’s three operating mines just became a lot more local: Alex Buchan, born and raised in Nunavut, was promoted to vice president of TMAC Resources Inc. on Jan. 10. Previously manager of community...