Amazing on the land stories

Do you have an amazing story from your adventures on the land? Tell us your story and show us your photos for a chance to win $100. Each week, we will pick one story from those submitted to, or by mail to Nunavut News, PO Box 28, Iqaluit, NU, X0A 0H0.

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May 21 – On-the-Land Contest

May 21, 2018

Jamie Kalluk
Resolute Bay
The day started off slow, no bears, few tracks, travelled more than half the day, finally spotted a bear in the distance, checked out the bear only to see it was a 6 1/2 foot bear. Set up camp disappointed no bear today I guess was in my mind. Decided to look through the binoculars a last time before going off to sleep to find a boar and a sow. In the event of the hunt got this great picture.
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May 14 – On-the-Land Contest

May 14, 2018

Roger Alivaktuk
A picture from 2015. My son’s husky ‘Bro’ likes hunting with us. Helps us find seal dens under the snow. This is the pup he led me to.
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April 16 – On-the-Land Contest

April 16, 2018

Winner: Jessica Tinashlu
My husband and his hunting buddy went polar bear hunting over the long weekend and came across this iceberg, and a polar bear was running away and the cub is climbing up the iceberg. This was 116 miles north of Naujaat.
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April 2 – On-the-Land Contest

April 2, 2018

Winner: Victoria Inuarak
Pond Inlet
My brother, Lee Inuarak, getting the dog sled ready to go back to Pond Inlet from Sanniru (Button Point), March 2014. Read More

March 26 – On-the-Land Contest

March 26, 2018

WINNER: Doreen Tiktaq Niego
Baker Lake
Here’s a great photo of our family that was ruined by a bumblebee. During the spring time we were heading out to camp and decided to take a family picture but heard a bumblebee. The camera was on self-timer. Read More

February 19 – On-the-Land Contest

February 20, 2018

Winner: Lars Nielsen Qaqqaq
Baker Lake
I went caribou hunting west of Baker Lake in November with Susan Toolooktook. It was a warm day with flurries. We saw fresh wolf tracks and drove over a few more hills, stopping on the top of a hill and we saw a pack of four wolves.

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February 5 – On-the-Land Contest

February 6, 2018

Winner: Sasha Hickes
Baker Lake
Here’s my son, who has been away for hockey, now into his fourth year. He goes out hunting when he comes back home. I took him out hunting to catch his own tuktu. I also caught my own. Read More

January 22 – On-the-Land Contest

January 21, 2018

Winner: Kyra Tanuyak
Chesterfield Inlet
“This is my daughter Katelyn Panimiran Tanuyak. She loves to go out hunting, and she caught her first umingmak in summer 2017 near Chesterfield Inlet.” Read More

January 15 – On-the-Land Contest

January 15, 2018

Winner: Lindsay Kidlapik
“Peyton Nicole, age 5. Enjoying the nice weather on May 14, 2017 while ice fishing. She was very excited to camp out on the land in a tent for the first time and helped her Dad setting up the tent. Peyton had a great time the whole weekend of fishing even though she didn’t catch any but excited to go again next spring!” Read More

January 8 – On-the-Land Contest

January 8, 2018

Winner: Chelsea Tatty
Rankin Inlet
My panik Haley Tatty playing in the sand while tuktu migrate in the background. This picture was taken in mid-July 2017. Read More

December 18 – On-the-Land Contest

December 18, 2017

Winner: Tara Green
Rankin Inlet
“Here is two-year-old Autut Illnik trying to carry her dad’s sole catch of the evening. There were plenty of geese flying, however little Autut, being the playful tyke she is, wasn’t keen on staying still for too long and diverted all the geese. Time to get some camo gear for next season because she sure isn’t missing out on the hunt. Maybe we can find a camo soother too.” Read More

December 11 – On-the-Land Contest

December 8, 2017

Winner: Jessie Kaludjak
“I had the pleasure of tagging along boating with my husband and son Peter Sr. And Jr. Kaludjak this past spring while they hunted for seals, whales and walruses. Here they stand on floating ice to scan the horizon for sea mammals.” Read More